"Be generous in every way."
- 2 Corinthians 9:11

a rebate


The experience you want with a rebate advantage.

I love being part of my community. I am passionately dedicated to my clients and proud that I provide A GREAT SERVICE WITH A GREAT INCENTIVE!

I have been greatly blessed in so many ways. It is my honor to glorify God by blessing others as I am able - whether serving in my community, volunteering, supporting important causes, or sharing my blessings with my clients. If you are a veteran, first-responder, educator, or medical professional, I will rebate you 20%!* of my earned commission (20% Example: $250K Home = $1,275.00 back in your pocket). All my cients receive a 10%* rebate! Thats real money in your pocket just when you need it most!

*Certain conditions apply. Click hear to learn more.